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This is not a scientific poll

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

No shit.



November 27, 2009 Leave a comment—just-18-mothers-born-UK.html#comments

Of all the disgraceful articles the Daily Mail has ever published throughout its miserable existence, this piece of awful journalism, that basically tells us nothing at all, is probably the worst. Congratulations on reaching a new low. The comments on the article are especially worrying (see below).

This is RUBBISH. I am an immigrant in Greece, I have to pay for any treatment I receive, I don’t expect the Greek tax payer to pay for my treatment like the immigrants in the UK.
– Roly, Corfu, 27/11/2009 6:28

Just maybe that’s because Greece doesn’t have an equivalent national health service. It’s hardly that Roly is paying more for treatment than his/her Greek counterparts. It’s not some racially-based two-tier system of payment, which appears to be the favoured choice for most Daily Mail readers.

We are not talking of Europeans who get reciprocal care as we would in their country, or those who live here and pay taxes, or those with insurance.
It is commonly known that some women from Africa and some countries in Asia treat London maternity units as their own.

– Jennifer, Yorkshire, 26/11/2009 19:43

Oh. So Jennifer is clearly fine with white people using our health services as long as no dirty ‘darkies’ do. Blatant racist.

English is our national language and it is the only language that should be in offical print. Our fight back has got to start somewhere, with our lanuage.
– Fed up with it all!, Lancashire, UK

Not only is this comment massively irrelevant but also just a little ironic. I somehow doubt that Fed up with it all! will be leading such a fight back.

There are British infertile couples on a very long waiting list that are turned away because there’s not enough money in the kitty to treat them but there’s enough to treat the fertile ones from overseas

– Sally, Ibiza Spain, 26/11/2009 18:59

That’ll be because IVF treatment is far more expensive than the care needed in a routine birth Sally (clearly one of the many Daily Mail reading expats who have bizarrely ended up living away from the motherland. Probably getting some kind of neo-colonial kick from it though).

The comments continue in this predictable, tedious way. All seemingly assume that these ‘foreign’ mothers are scrounging from UK taxpayer money, as though nobody born overseas can work and pay tax in the UK. Pretty weird really. Homogeneous white populations outside of the major British cities have clearly led to a country riven with ignorance and racism. Solution? More immigration please.

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